Sefton Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) - Published Arrangements

Sefton LSCB is the key statutory mechanism for agreeing how organisations in the borough will cooperate to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people in Sefton, and for ensuring the effectiveness of what they do.  The core objectives of Sefton LSCB are to co-ordinate what is done by each person or body represented on the Board for the purpose of safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people in Sefton and to ensure the effectiveness of what the member organisations do individually and together.

National Changes to Local Safeguarding Children Boards

Working Together to Safeguard Children (2018) is statutory guidance.  The new guidance supports key changes put into law by The Children and Social Work Act 2017 which replaces LSCBs with new local safeguarding arrangements.

Sefton's New Safeguarding Children Arrangements

The LSCB has been working hard towards its safe transition into the new Multi Agency Safeguarding Arrangements for Sefton.

 “Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018 Guidance” replaces Local Safeguarding Children Boards with Statutory Safeguarding Partners within each local authority area.

The Safeguarding Partners for each area are the Local Authority; Police and NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) operating in the authority’s area. These three Safeguarding Partners are charged with supporting and enabling local organisations and agencies to work together in a system where: 

  • children are safeguarded and their welfare promoted
  • partner organisations and agencies collaborate, share and co-own the vision for how to achieve improved outcomes for  vulnerable children
  • there is early identification and analysis of new safeguarding issues and emerging threads

How does that look here in Sefton?

Sefton’s partnership have agreed to retain the name LSCB, retain the Independent Chair and retain the breadth of representation across the partnership. Sefton LSCB published their arrangements on 25 June 2019 and go ‘live’ on 1 July 2019. For Sefton, the LSCB has been focused on delivering its own work plan to strengthen the co-ordination of the whole partnership and in turn, improve how we collectively respond to safeguarding children and young people in our community. The approach has dovetailed with these changes in legislation. The LSCB membership will continue to work together to improve safeguarding practices’ and support frontline staff to protect children and promote their welfare.

Click here to view Sefton LSCB -  Multi-Agency Safeguarding Arrangements

To contact Sefton LSCB Business Team:

Deborah Hughes, Sefton LSCB Business Manager Tel. 0151 934 3366

Donna Atkinson, Sefton LSCB Business Support Tel. 0151 934 4706

Louise Roberts, Sefton LSCB Learning & Development Officer Tel. 0151 934 3983

Alan McCarthy, Sefton LSCB Quality Assurance Officer Tel. 0151 934 3362

Sefton LSCB
28-30 Sefton Street
Merseyside L21 7LB

Sefton LSCB Independent Chair

Sefton LSCB's Independent Chair, Paula St Aubyn

Paula has a background career in Social Work and brings a wealth of safeguarding knowledge and experience to the board.   Paula has worked in various North West Local Authorities and has spent 10 years in Senior Strategic roles with significant experience of working with Safeguarding Boards and their governance arrangements.


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