Sefton Safeguarding Children Partnership

Sefton SCP Annual Report & Business Plan

Sefton Safeguarding Children Partnership Annual Report

Sefton SCP publishes a yearly report on the effectiveness of child safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children in the local area.  

Please take time to read Sefton SCP's latest Annual Report 2022-23


Sefton SCP Business Plan 2022-2025

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“Every child and young person in Sefton should be able to grow up free from fear of abuse or neglect. We are committed to improving the safety of all children and young people in Sefton. If children are not safe, they cannot be healthy, happy, achieve or reach their full potential. We hold at the fore our obligation that keeping children safe is "everybody’s responsibility.”

Sefton SCP's Business Plan sets out the strategic intent of Sefton in making its vision a reality.