Domestic Abuse - Escape the Control

Domestic Abuse

Spot the Signs

Escape the Control

Sefton and Knowsley have launched a new domestic abuse campaign.

Controlling Behaviour is Domestic Abuse

Controlling money, always criticising and being purposely isolated from friends and family are just some of the examples of controlling behaviour which can make up domestic abuse. It can happen slowly, building up in a relationship. This controlling behaviours called ‘coercive control’ and it is domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse is a crime.

Coercive control is an act, or a pattern of acts such as threats, humiliation and intimidation that is used to punish or frighten someone. This can include things like controlling where they go and what they do, or exaggerated expressions of love such as they ‘can’t live without you’.

If you need help or you are worried about someone, visit website for more information, how to spot the signs and how to get help.



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