Sefton Local Safeguarding Children Partnership

SWAY Briefings - Digital Learning

SWAY into 2022 with Sefton Safeguarding Children Partnership (SSCP) digital briefings on safeguarding children topics.

Sefton SCP is having a FOCUS MONTH on contextual safeguarding throughout the month of February 2022 using 4 weekly briefings themed on different contextual safeguarding topics:

SWAY Briefing 1 - Peer on Peer Abuse

Peer on Peer Abuse SWAY Briefing (February 2022 Week 1)


SWAY Briefing 2 - Sexting

Sexting SWAY Briefing (February 2022 Week 2)

SWAY Briefing 3 - Harmful Sexual Behaviour (HSB)

Harmful Sexual Behaviour (HSB) SWAY Briefing (February 2022 Week 3)

SWAY Briefing 4 - Bullying

Bullying SWAY Briefing (February 2022 Week 4)

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