Level of Need Guidance 2020

WELCOME to Sefton LSCB's revised Level of Need Guidance 2020

Sefton LSCB has produced a presentation to formally launch the refreshed guidance.  Please click HERE to view the presentation and hear what is new within the guidance.  You can share this presentation with staff teams across your organisation. 

The Level of Need Guidance is intended to assist the children's workforce and all those who come into contact with children in Sefton to respond appropriately to concerns and make timely decisions about how to respond to the needs of the child/ren and families they are working with.

Click on the image below to access and download a copy of the Level of Need Guidance 2020


Sefton LSCB has developed additional guidance on the specific considerations for the 'unborn' child (safeguarding the unborn baby).

Click HERE to download a copy.


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