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Child Safety in the Home

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Child Safety in the Home

The NIDirect Government Services website has information on "Child Safety in The Home which provides information about child safety covering subjects such as:

  • Blind cord safety
  • Fire safety advice
  • Guarding children against trips and falls
  • Burns and Scalds
  • Poisonous substances
  • Trampoline Safety

CSE Leaflet for Parents/Carers

child sexual expoitation - listen to my story

Child Sexual Exploitation

Barnardo's have produced a leaftlet for parents and carers providing information on Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Child Sexual Exploitation.

Coping with 'Self Harm'

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Coping with Self Harm - A Parents/Carers Guide (Developed by Researchers at the University of Oxford)

This guide was developed by Researchers at the University of Oxford from talking to parents and carers of young people and is aimed at helping parents, carers, other family members and friends cope when a young person is self-harming. It includes information on the nature and causes of self-harm, how to support a young person when facing this problem and what help is available.



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