Graded Care Profile 2 (GCP2)


NSPCC Graded Care Profile 2 (GCP2) – A tool to support you to confidently and accurately identify neglect

Improving the recognition of child neglect and providing effective support for a child impacted by neglectful or sub-optimal parenting is a top priority for the Sefton Partnership. To support multi-agency safeguarding practice, and to enable practitioners to confidently and effectively recognise neglect, Graded Care Profile 2(GCP2) is being re-implemented in Sefton.

A programme of Full Training and Refresher Training sessions are now available to practitioners across the partnership delivered by Sefton Council. On completion Practitioners will be licenced to use the GCP2 tool. This will include: School Nurses, Health Visitors, other Health Practitioners, Early Help Workers, YOS staff, Family Support Staff from the CVS, Children’s Social workers, and Relevant School Staff.

What is the Graded Care Profile2?

  • It is an evidence-based assessment tool for evaluating levels of parental care
  • Uses Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to ensure comprehensive coverage of child’s needs
  • Uses a graded scale (1-5) to capture levels of child’s physical and emotional care
  • Can help identify parental strengths and concerns
  • Targets aspects of neglectful care
  • Provides evidence that can inform intervention and care planning
  • Is used with single assessments, early help assessments or specialist assessments

The GCP2 is an evidence-based neglect tool which has been evaluated and updated by the NSPCC. It is a tool which aims to deepen practice around neglect and to support practitioners of different disciplines to identify whether and to what extent an individual child’s needs are being met by capturing the quality of care provided by a parent/carer.

Strengths of GCP2

  • Improved assessment process
  • More objective, evidence based
  • Unpacks the parenting capacity – improved breadth and depth of assessment
  • Promotes child centred approach
  • Participative process which encourages parental engagement
  • Multi-agency tool which can be used by practitioners from different settings

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