Domestic Abuse - Silent Solution

Silent Solution


‘Silent Solution’ system which is used to ensure that the police are aware when someone is in need of urgent help but cannot speak. There has been a substantial amount of coverage about this in recent weeks, most notably in relation to its use in cases of domestic abuse.

Silent Solution is a useful way for victims of domestic abuse to contact the police, however it is vital that people are aware of how it works so that they are able to get the right support.

To ensure that they get the right support, those in need of urgent police help should…

  1. Dial 999
  2. Listen to the questions
  3. Respond by coughing or tapping the headset if they cannot easily speak
  4. If prompted – press 55 – and they will be put through to the police

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: A completely silent mobile 999 call would not be put through to the silent solution – there must be background voices or key presses. Pressing 55 straight after dialling 999 may not even be heard as a key press by the operator at the start of the call.

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