Early Help Strategy/Pathway

Early Help is about taking action as soon as possible to tackle problems for children and families before they can grow into something that is more difficult to overcome.  It is about identifying children and families that may be at risk of running into difficulties and providing timely and effective support.

Sefton has a good offer of Early Help which means that families get help when they first need it. All information on Early Help can be found on Sefton Council's website. 

Sefton have recently updated the Early Help Strategy and this can be accessed and downloaded from Sefton Council's website under 'Useful Documents'

Click here to download the Early Help Pathway

Early Help Pathway - Referral Process for Early Help Front Door



Referral process for Early Help Front Door

Following a period of significant change new referral processes has been established for Early Help. This process refers to cases that are not thought to be safeguarding but instead sit at level 2 or 3 in terms of levels of need. The routes to gain support from early help depend on the referring organisation.

  • For GP’s, emergency services, probation, Faith and community groups we ask that a pre Early Help Assessment is completed and forwarded to the email address for the early help front door.
  • For professionals from Education and North West Boroughs (who still don’t have access to EHM) we ask that a full early help assessment is submitted
  • Any professional or family can also refer direct to the Family Wellbeing Centres
  • The following email address should be used Early.help@sefton.gcsx.gov.uk



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